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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

POWERCRUE-The Sign of Rage' reissue in vinyl format only

Just a few days before the twilight of 2010, Lighten the Underground has the honour to (re)release in vinyl one of the most legendary albums, not only of the hellenic metal scene, but also of the european in general.
The legendary POWERCRUE's 'The Sign of Rage' is now available again, only in vinyl format, 14 years after its initial release.
Words are few to describe this traditional heavy metal diamond, just because very seldom nowadays we can see releases of such quality.
Those who have already heard this album know very well what I 'm talking about.
Metallers, if you claim you are true metal fans and you like Accept, Running Wild, early Savatage & Dio, it is forbidden not to have this album. It can easily compete the masterpieces of these bands.
'The Sign of Rage' is an all-time classic album too, following the musical heritage that POWERCRUE's predecessors left.
Below, you can find the words written by L.t.U. in the vinyl's inner sleeve, just below the lyrics, as a small tribute to one of the most historical heavy metal albums of all times.

'Well, I spent almost no time at all to decide whose band's stuff I would like to release first in vinyl. After a demo and hundrends of saliva dripping live shows, POWERCRUE decided, back in 1996, to connect their amplifiers with history, with the "The Sign of Rage" album.
In essence, this vinyl is a tribute to one of greatest european heavy metal (with the real meaning of the term) bands which, after almost over 20 years, still exists (despite the difficulties) and maintains its heavy, original and uncompromising sound and its devotion to heavy metal.
Besides, does anyone forget the all time classic "Before the End" with the majestic riffing and soloing, the magnificent "Forever" with the fantastic melody and the immortal riff at the chorus, the incandescent speed metal anthem "On the Run" with the a la Dio riff and the bombastic "Torture" with the thunderous double bass-drumming?
Is there any true metal fan who can disregard the made of iron "Last Command", the vigorous "Enemy Brothers" or the speed metal love song "Spent On You"?
In a very diffcult time period not only for hellas but for the world in general, certain things seem to never lose their value: "The sign of Rage" is rereleased to remind us what rage can do.'

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