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Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Friends, we remained quite silent for a long time. That doesn’t mean we were inactive. Fortunately, some personal problems were overcome, and we are pleased to announce you the following important news:

1.     First, and most important: Lighten the Underground will rerelease, at last, the legendary ATTACK’s-Destinies of War’ album in 1.000 cd copies and 500 vinyl copies (of which the 100 will be coloured). It will be a very special edition which will include (the cd) a 20 pages cd booklet with photos and lyrics, while vinyl rerelease will include a 4 pages vinyl leaflet with photos and lyrics.

ATTACK is probably one of the most significant and representative bands of the European traditional metal. Besides, there aren’t too many bands in the European metal history which released five top class, traditional metal, albums in a raw (Danger In The Air, Return Of The Evil, Seven Years In The Past, The Secret Place), except from the very well known ones of the genre (IRON MAIDEN, RUNNING WILD, ACCEPT, SAXON etc).

 If you also add to this the ‘Revitalize’ and the recently released ‘Warriors of Time’ compilations, the recently released vinyl re-releases of ‘The Secret Place’ and ‘Seven Years in the Past’ (the latter from the friend label ‘Steel Legacy’), and the cd re-releases of ‘The Secret Place’ and ‘Return Of The Evil’ (again from ‘Steel Legacy’) you understand that we are talking probably about the living myth of the European traditional heavy metal scene.
Time has come therefore to be released, according to the glory the band deserves, the highly acclaimed ‘The Destinies Of War’ album in both formats, cd and vinyl.

   Details regarding the precise release date will be announced from this page.

2.  Next Ligthen the Underground’s release, programmed to be released somewhere in 2015 time, will be from the magnificent Chilean traditional occult metallers METAL GRAVE. 

      Lighten the Underground will rerelease in vinyl the band’s superb first full-length album ‘The Eternal Flames of Deception’ (, originally released in cd by Evil Confrontation, in a limited edition of 350 vinyl copies.

METAL GRAVE are currently one of the best underground heavy metal bands worldwide, according to our humble opinion, and their undisputed talent couldn’t pass unnoticed from Lighten the Underground, which, in essence, is searching with bands with such a profile. More details about the release, will be announced within the next months.

3.   We are very proud that one of our label’s bands, POWER CRUE, will participate in such an important festival as it is the spanish Metalcova, of which the 7th year will include in its line-up POWER CRUE, among the legends Mindless Sinner and Battleaxe, and the very talented Alyanza and Black Way. We are waiting to see you there Spain metalheads, it will be an honour to meet you.

4.   We are in the construction process of our new website, which will include also   mailorder shop. It will be uploaded the earliest possible.
5.   Trades are always welcome. We trade all kinds of metal (heavy metal,power  metal,speed metal, thrash metal, death metal, doom metal) except probably from  grind, grindcore and anything else ending to -core (although still there is the option  for some exceptions in that case, too). For some labels of whom their e-mails remained unanswered (due to the personal problems we mentioned in the beginning), we apologize for this. We will contact you the earliest possible. 

     You also can contact us for trade or wholesale regarding our forthcoming release, ATTACK’s-‘Destinies of War’ so that to provide you the quantity requested from the very first days of the release. You can also contact us for trade with the already released albums of ours. There is also a lot of other stuff available for trade and distribution. Contact us for more details.

6.  Bands who would like to cooperate together: Of course, it is always a pleasure to cooperate with any band whose stuff is really remarkable (at least to our ears).  Do not hesitate to send me your stuff. Once we agree in cooperation, please bare in mind that we need a reasonable amount of time until the release, because there are other projects ahead to release first, and with whom we are working with.