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Thursday, 29 December 2011

ATTACK-'The Secret Place' rereleased in vinyl

After fifteen years of silence, the legendary german metal band ATTACK  returns to the metal scene from the point it stopped: The famous ‘The Secret Place’ album, one of the most classic & characteristic power metal releases ever, is now rereleased, for the first time, in vinyl.
Available in 525 hand numbered vinyl copies.

Some of the record stores  & mailorders you can find 'The Secret Place' vinyl are the below mentioned:

Here is also the relative promo video:

Monday, 28 November 2011


Available in 75 pieces, the first official ATTACK t-shirt is available through Lighten the Underground & Eat Metal Records.

Friday, 25 March 2011

3FOLDPAIN-'Into Your Depths' 7'' vinyl now available in limited 500 copiesin 500

After the superb 3FOLDPAIN's self-released 'Don't Trust Them' EP/CD, Lighten the Underground has the honour to release the first band's 7'' vinyl release, named 'Into Your Depths'.
Containing the self titled and the 'Will be the End' tracks, 3foldpain invite you to travel, through their music, to their world of emotions.
 Needless to say that 3foldpain are among the most talented and innovative metal bands I 've ever heard. The words which will follow (and express my admiration to this band) can also be found to the vinyl's inner sleeve, just below the tracks' lyrics...

'Sometimes best things in life happen when you don't expect that they will. This happened with 3FOLDPAIN. Almost out of nowhere, I heard their music one day totally by accident and, already from the first moment, I understood that they are not a usual band..... Beyond the dramatic and tearing voice, the cruel but at the same time mourning guitars, the thumping low frequencies and the tyrranic drum playing 3FOLDPAIN's music is the entrance to an ocean of emotions where tidewaters are human sensations..... I won't try to give a label to their music just because pioneers are not easily categorized. I will only tell that I couldn't turn my back to the enthusiasm, the psychic harmony and the feelings created each time I hear them, this why you hear them through this 7'' vinyl..... Meet the veils of progress dwelling in theirs!'....