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Saturday, 29 September 2012

REVIEWS FOR POWERCRUE-'Wreck the Eternal Tyranny'

Below there are the first reviews regarding POWERCRUE's-'Wreck the Eternal Tyranny' CD  (review at a knight of light) (review at stormbringer Austria) (review at batthlehelm) (review at (review at lords of (review at hellride music forum) (review at metal-rules) (review at the (review at defenders of (review at the greek wasted breakdown)

There is also the review in the #2 issue of Steel For An Age fanzine:

More reviews will follow 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

POWERCRUE-'Wreck the Eternal Tyranny' CD is now released.

At last, one of the most historical and cult bands not only in Greece but in Europe as well, returns after seven years of absence with another classic heavy /power metal masterpiece. With may be their best line-up ever and a new singer, POWERCRUE are back the way their fans are used to know them: Aggressive, uncompromising but yet melodic and with a lot of inspiration. 
Fans of true heavy metal: That one is for you.